Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions here! If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@lightsonlearningcenter.com.

Tutoring Session & Progress

How do you monitor my child's progress?

We communicate with your child’s teachers and have access to the most up-to-date information on your child’s daily assignments, upcoming tests and projects, and current grades. Every goal period, we issue progress reports with details on how your child is doing in tutoring and what goals they’ve met so far.

Do your tutors assign extra homework for students?

It depends! Our priority is to support students by helping them review and apply skills and concepts they are learning in school—whether it’s through homework completion, test preparation and/or extra skills practice. If a student does need extra homework for practice, our tutors will assign additional work.

What do you do in tutoring?

We follow the school’s curriculum and communicate with teachers to identify areas of needs for our students. We focus on these areas while pre-teaching or reviewing key concepts, strategies and skills covered in class. Our tutors keep students on task to complete their daily assignments and prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes. For ELL (English Language Learner) students, we also focus on phonics, grammar, vocabulary development, fluency, and reading comprehension strategies as needed. Through engaging review activities and different learning strategies, we help students turn the lights on when it comes to learning!

Can you come to my house or a library nearby to tutor my child?

We currently only offer tutoring at our school sites!

Tutoring Schedule

Can you tutor my child on the weekends?

We offer tutoring Mondays – Fridays at all of our locations. At select sites, we may offer tutoring on Saturdays. Please contact our office for more information.

What if my child can’t attend a scheduled session?

Tutoring sessions with can be rescheduled us as long as we are notified by 9:00 am on the day of the scheduled session by phone call (909-366-9339), voicemail or email (office@lightsonlearningcenter.com). You will receive credit for your rescheduled session to use on another day. Students are only allowed 2 reschedules per month.

To receive credit for summer sessions that take place 10:00am-12:00pm, our office must be notified by 9:00pm the evening before.

How long do I have to redeem past credit?

Students can redeem credit any time within the semester that they are enrolled in. Credits expire on the last day of the corresponding semester.

May I use credits to pay for an upcoming invoice or a fee?

No, credits can only be used to schedule additional tutoring sessions.

Can I change my child’s schedule in the middle of the semester?

No, tutoring slots are limited because of the different students and schedules that tutors have. Once the schedule is set with our tutors and tutoring has started, the schedule will not be able to be changed.

Can my child add more tutoring sessions?

Yes, students may add additional tutoring sessions to their schedule. Please contact our office to make arrangements.

Can my child change tutoring subjects?

Students are welcome to add additional subjects and can request power hours or additional tutoring days to accommodate the extra subjects.

However, unless a student maintains an A in the current subject, a subject switch is not permitted. Students benefit most when they consistently tutor in their chosen subjects for the entire semester. The consistency helps students to develop a better understanding of those subjects over a longer period of time. We advise that the students choose their tutoring subjects carefully and wisely at the time of registration.

If the student maintains an A in that class, we will allow a one-time subject change. There will be a $30 administrative fee applied.

Why is my child required to sign up for an entire semester of tutoring?

Students who benefit most from tutoring are those who come consistently over a longer period of time. The consistency helps students to build up a routine of good habits and stay on top of their homework and academic understanding!


Who are the tutors?

Lights On Learning tutors are a bright group of qualified and credentialed teachers, graduate students, college graduates and college students.  Our tutors are familiar with school curriculum and ready to provide outstanding, personalized tutoring services for your child! Background checks are run for all our tutors.

Will my child always have the same tutor?

Yes. Consistency is key to developing good habits and routines for our students. We do our best to match tutors to student needs and schedules. We assign the same tutors/group of tutors to students for the entire semester so that tutors are familiar with their students’ strengths and weaknesses as well as the students’ teachers and curriculum.  In some instances when scheduling does not match up, a student may be assigned more than one tutor. However, the tutors collaborate and communicate regularly so that the same habits and routines can be reinforced.

What should I do if I want to talk to the tutor about my student or give the tutor something for my child’s session?

All communication takes place through our office. If you would like to set up an appointment with the tutor or a coach, please contact our office. If you would like to pass a message or some material on to the tutor, you may drop it off at our office or email it to us at office@lightsonlearningcenter.com.

Tutoring Payment, Rates & Fees

What are the tutoring rates?

We have different packages designed for each school campus. Our packages range depending on the number of tutoring sessions per week and whether they are private or group sessions. Email office@lightsonlearningcenter.com for more details on pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), checks and cash. We find that the most convenient way to make your payments is through our online payment system.

What is a “No Show, No Notification” fee and why is it necessary?

No extra fees are charged as long as we are notified of a student’s absence by the time the tutoring session begins. The $30 “No Show, No Notification” fee is only charged to students who do not notify us of their absence by the time the tutoring session is scheduled to start.

This policy is in place to encourage students to be responsible in notifying our office when they will be absent. It also helps students take tutoring seriously and be accountable for their attendance.

What is the credit card authorization form for?

This form is required to be completed before tutoring begins. It authorizes us to charge the credit card on file in the case that a fee is incurred—whether it is a late fee, a “No Show, No Notification” fee or a breach of contract fee. The credit card holder will be notified of the fee before the card is charged.

What is a "late pick-up" fee and why is it necessary?

Lights On Learning does not offer day care services so elementary and middle school students must be picked up promptly from tutoring. Students are given a 10-minute grace period. After the grace period, students who have not yet been picked up will be charged a fee of $10 for any fraction of 30 minutes payable to Lights On Learning. Payment must be submitted at the time of student pick-up. Otherwise, the credit card or cash deposit that is on file will be charged.